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Founded in 1960, Dinamik Transmission is one of Turkey’s oldest and most respected suppliers of high-performance precision chains, conveyors and parts servicing a number of industries ranging from printing, packaging, and textiles to glass, ceramic, plastic manufacturers and industrial machinery equipment producers. Since the beginning, they have worked hard to provide their clients the best quality brands and products in the market. Dinamik Transmission pride their selves in having formed strong partnerships with some of the most well-known brands globally. They are the sole distributor of İwis Antriebssyteme GmbH in Turkey – one of the strongest brand names in the industry. Their portfolio also includes other well-known brands in the market including ČZ Řetězy, Dong Bo, Ewart Rotary chains, and Groupe PIV. They also have a large stock of chains from China. In addition to their strong portfolio of brands they offer their clients value-added support services covering application engineering support, customized drive system designs, made to order specialty attachment conveyor chains and in field technical support and analysis.