Advantages of Jwis roller chains

Advantages of Jwis roller chains

Technical perfection

Use of high quality quenched, tempered and case-hardened steels
High precision fabrication via SPC (statistical process control)
Quality assurance complying with ISO 9001
Optimisation of quality features via special heat treatment
Constant monitoring of the chains for dimensional accuracy and articulation
Surface coatings
Special lubricants
Special materials(e.g corrosion-proof)

Highest possible quality

Above average length of life
Excellent wear resistance
Restricted length tolerances down to 1/6 of the DIN tolerance
Significantly higher fracture resistance than the norm
High fatigue strength
iwis roller chains are pretensioned
Extremely efficient initial lubrication

Benefits to the user

Longer maintenance intervals
Maintenance-friendly, easy and quick to dismantle
Fewer down times
Benefits of parallel and synchronous running
Extremely precise positioning
Extremely quiet running
Safety reserves at load peaks
Reduced stretching during running-in